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Quality Policy

1. As a member of Taikisha (Thailand) group of companies, Thaiken Maintenance & Service Co., Ltd. will provide the planning, design and implementation of installation, renovation, maintenance and service in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning System, Plumbing System and other related fields.
2. Fulfill customer's satisfaction and contribute to the society's wholesome development by providing quality service.
3. Render timely and reliable service with empathy and efficiency.
4. Works ans Services be provided by TKM shall be undertaken serverly to comply with all applicable law, regulation, Quality Management System Requirements and others requirements.
5. Establish continuous quality improvement by means of technological and management innovation.
6. Periodically review quality policy for continuing suitability.

(Mr. Pravit Sommaneewat)

Thaiken Maintenance & Service Co.,Ltd. obtained ISO9001 Certification in December 21, 2001.

Details of certification :
The Design / Development, Manufacture, Installation and Servicing (Training of customer personnel for system operation and maintenance, checks of system operation and maintenance status, and consultation resulting from the check) of the following systems
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation system
  • Plumbing and sanitary system
  • Fire protection system
  • Cleanroom system
  • Electrical system
  • Industrial utilities system
Certifying organization : UKAS
Inspecting organization : JQA
Certificate number : JQA-QM7524

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