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           As for TKM, it is the founder, it has already passed through 20 years from the foundation mind of Mr.Kashikura president, founder.
           Originally, it comes in time to go into the development term.
           It is left that TKM is made in good enterprise.
           Get a good goal for an achievement, and a duty as a member of the TKC group is to do growth, and aim at an enterprise to                       develop.

           As for the ideal as an enterprise is
           1. Aims at the extreme big enterprise of the maintenance business in the Thailand.
           2. The realization of the enterprise with speed and the vitality.
           3. New value is provided for the Thai society through the service which it satisfies a client with.
           4. Contributes to the community, and employee's life is protected, and cooperates with the development of TKC group.


1. The basic policy of the management TKM is, the statute and the mind are respected, a client the first is made a principle, and
the establishment of the maintenance technology makes use of ISO effectively in the process, and moreover an environment is taken into consideration. It aims at an enterprise of the profit power to improve by raising the competition power in the business world and which develops endlessly.

           2. Middle Term management strategy
                      1. Maintenance business
A. Follow does the project of the TKC execution preponderantly.
B. The acquisition of the new client is done, and it becomes a client's position and proposed actively.
C. Preservation, decreases defective accidents based on the prevention preservation.
D. The technology of the cooperation company is concentrated with all the staffs so that a system may function
under the best condition, and it tries work .
E. A long term plan is carried out, and it improves a client's degree of satisfaction to make it promote employee's
technology improvement.
                      2. Project and service work
A. A client's request is taken into consideration in the extreme emphasis, and it always works for the improvement of      the execution quality based on the safety the first.

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